State, counties & municipalities

Create a fresh, healthy and safe indoor environment for citizens and competent employees with our solutions for all types of ventilation and recovery systems.

Furthermore, reduce direct spread from person to person by installing our solution to help keep the general air in all rooms clean, further preventing the spread of viruses and bacteria, and reducing pollen, mould and other harmful particles.


Countless placement options

Whether it's renovation of existing ventilation systems or new systems, our solutions can be installed without much planning. 

Airthings for Business

Taking control of your indoor air quality has never been easier


Poor indoor air quality is associated with poorer health and lower productivity, and can be a sign of wasted energy.

86% rate indoor air quality as one of the most important factors for comfort.


Nudging is a method where knowledge and tools are actively used to influence the behaviour of users in a desired direction.

Can we help you achieve a healthier indoor environment?

Can we help you achieve a healthier indoor environment?
We work in all sectors and with companies of all sizes, who want to enhance health and well-being in the rooms we are in.
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