Offices & Administrations

If you create a fresh, healthy and safe indoor climate for your competent employees, colleagues etc. with our UVC or ionization solutions for all types of ventilation and recycling systems, you can create the optimal conditions for them so that they are able to perform their best throughout the day.

In addition, you can reduce the spread directly from person to person by having our integrated,, eller stationary air purifiersso that they can help keep the general air throughout the room clean, which will help to further prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria, pollen and dust particles.

The air purifiers can also be used as general purification of the air in the offices, meeting rooms, living rooms and the like.

Sundt indeklima med en usynlig uvc løsning integreret i ventilation på et kontor med tv mødebord og moderne stole

Countless placement options

Whether it's renovation of existing ventilation systems or new systems, our solutions can be installed without much planning. 

air • CARE T1-90 UVC/ION

air - CARE T1-90 captures and cleans the air between people sitting at the same table. The unit is specially designed for installation at meeting and conference tables, among other things, where it creates a fresh, healthy and safe environment for those sitting around the table.

It works by sucking the air that passes between people across the table. Once the air is sucked into the unit, the air particles are cleaned using UVC rays and, at the same time, the air is refreshed using ionisation. Finally, fresh, clean air is sent back into the room.

Integrable solutions

Through our strategic collaboration with HolmrisB8, we can create solutions that can easily be incorporated into any aesthetically focused environment where, for example, there is no ventilation or a higher level of safety between people is desired. All to create an optimal indoor climate.

Airthings for Business

Taking control of your indoor air quality has never been easier


Poor indoor air quality is associated with poorer health and lower productivity, and can be a sign of wasted energy.

86% rate indoor air quality as one of the most important factors for comfort.


Nudging is a method where knowledge and tools are actively used to influence the behaviour of users in a desired direction.

The invisible indoor environment is made visible by sensors. Building managers or employees are given the opportunity to take active steps to improve the indoor environment and thus the workplace.

Can we help you achieve a healthier indoor environment?

Can we help you achieve a healthier indoor environment?
We work in all sectors and with companies of all sizes, who want to enhance health and well-being in the rooms we are in.
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