Industry, warehouse & production

Clean air in industry, warehouses and production means your company can make savings through reduced cleaning, sick leave, heating and avoidance of unnecessary downtime.

When you create a fresh, healthy and safe indoor environment in these situations with our solutions for all types of cooling units, ventilation systems, heat pumps or similar, you will be able to achieve optimal working conditions. 

Vores mål er at behandle og reducere de skadelige partikler som er til steder hvor vi befinder os.

Vi gør det bl.a. muligt for eksisterende filtre at opfange disse partikler helt uden øget tryktab igennem filteret og dermed opnås en energibesparende løsning. Ydermere holdes kanalsystemerne fri for biofilm og skidt.  

Etos air løsninger til fødevareindustrien

Countless placement options

Whether it's renovation of existing ventilation systems or new systems, our solutions can be installed without much planning. 

Can we help you achieve a healthier indoor environment?

Can we help you achieve a healthier indoor environment?
We work in all sectors and with companies of all sizes, who want to enhance health and well-being in the rooms we are in.
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